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Part Worn Tyres


Depannage 365 has a huge range of Part Worn Tyres from all many different vehicles, helping you to save money on your next tyre purchase. Buying used tyres is a fantastic way to save money when looking for road legal tyres to replace damaged or punctured tyres.


Part Worn Car Tyres

A huge selection of part worn tyres for all makes and models of cars.

Part Worn 4x4 Tyres

Part worn tyres perfect for bigger 4x4 vehicles such as Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

Part Worn Van Tyres

The perfect part worn tyres for small and large vans.


There are part worn tyres from all leading manufacturers with a selection of winter and run flat tyres available. To find the correct tyres for your vehicle simply please give us a call to see what part worn tyres we have in stock. Consumables for your car or van can be very costly, so part worn tyres can often be the perfect option