Vehicle Scrapyard

At Depannage365 we also proudly support the used car parts market with a growing department which stocks many recycled car parts 

Our broad range of services therefore provides customers with dedicated auto solutions which fulfil a range of requirements.

Whether you are looking to realise the value of a roadworthy or un-roadworthy vehicle, find a specific part for your car, or purchase a used vehicle for restoration purposes, we will help to solve your enquiries as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

 We are a family owned and managed business that was originally founded in 1990 and we have many years of experience in the scrap car and vehicle dismantler sector. We deal with contract work from companies as well as domestic clients.

Looking to scrap a car or vehicle in Potiou-Charente ?  Depannage365 Car Spares as car scrap merchants  can offer the best prices around for both buying your car for scrap and for selling used car spare and  parts in the area. We buy any scrap car or salvage vehicle. Cheque paid on collection. Fast, efficient, friendly and caring collection service.


Vehicle Breakers

Our knowledgeable staff at Depannage365 can help you find the exact car part you need or offer some of the best prices around for used car spares parts in Potiou-Charente. We sell all makes and types of car spares parts from the vehicles we process including wheels, gearboxes, engines, exhausts, tyres, interior fittings, body panels, windscreens and stereos.


Depannage365 provides current, competitive and aggressive prices for all scrap metals, ensuring maximum returns on all scrap material. Its expertise and specialist facilities allows it to process all metals efficiently and provide the best prices for all your requirements